Valentine's Day Exclusive: Moments Of Nostalgia (Acoustic Backing Version)

Valentine’s Day Exclusive: Moments Of Nostalgia (Acoustic Backing Version)

February 14, 2021 marks the fourteen-year anniversary of Vision Eternel’s debut extended play Seul Dans L’obsession, the twelve-year anniversary of the compilation An Anthology Of Past Misfortunes and the six-year anniversary of the extended play Echoes From Forgotten Hearts. Valentine’s Day has always been an important date for the band since our releases revolve around heartbreak.

Vision Eternel does not have a new release to put out today but the date still needed to be highlighted. Therefore, Vision Eternel is offering an unreleased take from the For Farewell Of Nostalgia re-recording session: Moments Of Nostalgia (Acoustic Backing Version). Parts of this song were recorded during a series of acoustic guitar sessions that took place at Mortified Studios between November 5 and 11, 2019.

The song Moments Of Nostalgia was originally envisioned with an acoustic rhythm guitar track slowly building up in the background; not unlike one heard on David Bowie’s Space Oddity. Founding band member Alexander Julien spent a week tracking with two different acoustic guitars at Mortified Studios; one was a twelve-string acoustic guitar, the other a six-string acoustic guitar. During those recording sessions, many new ideas flourished, such as recording acoustic versions of each of the songs, as well as acoustic b-sides. Plans were discussed for an acoustic companion extended play and for a single for the song Moments Of Intimacy, which would have included several different versions of the composition packaged in a slim jewel case.

Unfortunately, the acoustic sessions were problematic. After days of unsuccessful mixing sessions, the acoustic parts on Moments Of Nostalgia were re-recorded with an electric guitar and plans of releasing the acoustic material was shelved. Rediscovering the working version of Moments Of Nostalgia with its acoustic guitar backing track was surprising because the mixing is not as bad in hindsight. It is quite enjoyable. This version also features different effects over the ending which were phased out during the electric guitar re-recording session.

This year’s Valentine’s Day exclusive is accompanied by an original charcoal drawing by Rain Frances at Rain Frances Art. Rain has provided artwork for Vision Eternel’s previous releases For Farewell Of Nostalgia and the An Anthology Of Past Misfortunes boxed set, as well as for last year’s Valentine’s Day exclusive.

Download Moments Of Nostalgia (Acoustic Backing Version).

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