Vision Éternel Seul Dans L'obsession Compact Disc Vision Éternel Seul Dans L'obsession Compact DiscVision Éternel Seul Dans L'obsession Compact DiscVision Éternel Seul Dans L'obsession Compact Disc

Seul Dans L’obsession Compact Disc

Between February and August of 2007, a handful of Vision Éternel’s “Seul Dans L’obsession” EP were duplicated on CD-Rs and distributed by Mortification Records. Under 10 copies are known to exist and were given out to close friends and collaborators of the band.

Only a month after forming, Vision Éternel’s debut release, “Seul Dans L’obsession” was ready. Backed by Mortification Records, the six-song EP, “Seul Dans L’obsession“, which translates to “Alone In Obsession” in French, was released digitally on Valentine’s Day of 2007. The concept EP represents a section of songwriter Alexandre Julien’s personal life, from the meeting of a girl, to the beauty of a relationship, the separation and finally the anxiety of moving on from it.

The entire EP was recorded and produced by Alexandre Julien at the newly built Mortified Studio. There, a music video was also filmed for the single “Love Within Narcosis“, which was released a week prior to the album, on YouTube. The principal photography for the EP’s artwork and design and the music video’s locations were one and the same. A uniform concept wanted to be accomplished by bonding the two together.

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