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This purchase includes a download for the “Abondance De Périls” EP. All files are MP3s encoded at 320kbps, properly ID3 tagged with artwork and compressed in a .zip file for your convenience. The download will be emailed to you after checkout. If you are looking for other formats, please check out Vision Éternel’s Bandcamp page.

About the release

Vision Éternel’s third EP, “Abondance De Périls” was released digitally through Abridged Pause Recordings on March 9th of 2010. With this new release, Vision Éternel introduces a new sound, new visuals and a polished production. This splendid extended play will hopefully become your soundtrack to late lonely nights and will make you feel just as romantic as Alexandre Julien did when he composed it during a heartbreak. This is once again a concept album, the third in a row which Vision Éternel has released.

Alexandre Julien has spent two and a half years working on this release, starting in October of 2007. And all this time, Vision Éternel’s sound had a chance to evolve. The composition style remains the same but the production is polished and the ambiance is wider. For the first time, Vision Éternel has contracted external help in completing this release. To begin with, Alexandre Julien reached out to ex-Vision Éternel band member Adam Kennedy to master the album. Adam had also previously mastered Abridged Pause Recordings’ first two releases.

For the artwork too, Alexandre Julien reached out to another collaborator. After finding it difficult to complete the design for “Abondance De Périls“, he asked his roommate, Marina Polak, a professional photographer, for advice. To his surprise, she offered him a beautiful photography which perfectly represented the title of the album.


All music composed and performed by Vision Éternel.
Vision Éternel is the creation of Alexandre Julien.
Music recorded at Mortified Studios from May 18th of 2009 to February 17th of 2010.
Produced and mixed by Alexandre Julien at Mortified Studios from May 18th of 2009 to February 17th of 2010.
Mastered by Adam Kennedy at Vital Philosophy from February 15th of 2010 to February 22nd of 2010.
Photography by Marina Polak.
Artwork and layout by Alexandre Julien.
Released on March 9th of 2010 through Abridged Pause Recordings – APR3.
All songs released are exclusively registered to Abridged Pause Publishing.
Abondance De Périls is dedicated to Sonya Kertland.

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