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About the release

After taking a few years to carefully prepare a fourth EP, Vision Éternel finally unveils “The Last Great Torch Song“. This album marks a new achievement and step towards elaborating on the minimalist sound of Vision Éternel. The first two releases, “Seul Dans L’obsession” and “Un Automne En Solitude“, both released on Mortification Records in 2007 and 2008, were rather straight forward minimalist, guitar-driven ambient; while the third EP, “Abondance De Périls“, released on Abridged Pause Recordings in 2010, began a change in style. “The Last Great Torch Song” finally brings Vision Éternel up to a new level. This concept album is by far the most introspective of Vision Éternel’s works and stands as another dedication of past love.

This EP features four guest musicians, all of whom have previously collaborated, or been involved with, Alexandre Julien in the past. “Sometimes In Longing Narcosis” features melancholic keyboards written and performed by Garry Brents, who has worked with Abridged Pause Recordings with his past project Parabstruse and has collaborated with Alexandre Julien on a Lanterns Awake song in 2010. Garry Brents has been in a variety of bands over the years, including Cara Neir, Parabstruse, Bunrage, Aliment To Agnostic, From A Residence Of Stars & Gnosis, Garrsinn, Ghastrah Proxiima, Goobles & Giggles, Lunarian Sea, Nautilusk, Semen Across Lips, Smoosz, Sublimation Therapy, Sugar Highlands, Synthetic Onslaught, The Big Cocks And The Guzzling Cunts, The Overwatch, They Mostly Come Out At Night, Thō, Wavre, Writhe and Darkphone.

Sometimes In Longing Narcosis” also features a nihilistic spoken word written and performed by Eiman Nejad, one of the greatest composers and guitarists of our generation, who has been in a continuous influence to Alexandre Julien since the early 2000’s. Eiman was a founding member of the Roadrunner Records progressive/synth metal band Mutiny Within, and has since reinvented thrash metal with his band Eliminator. Eiman has also played in Antiquity, Arcanum, Beneath The Dead Ring, Brainscan, Intifada SS and Unblessed.

Sometimes In Anticipating Moments” features extended layers of guitars and bass composed and performed by Alexander Fawcett, known for the atmospheric black metal band Oceanus (who was scheduled to work with Abridged Pause Recordings) and who has recently formed the dark ambient project Arboretus. Alexander Fawcett has also played with Esuna and Sleepless Dreams.

Sometimes In Absolute Togetherness” is graced by a romantic spoken word written and performed by Howard Change, a long-time friend and collaborator of Alexandre Julien. Howard was the vocalist in Alexandre Julien’s black metal band Throne of Mortality in the mid-2000’s and prior to that he and Eiman Nejad had a band named Arcanum. Howard has since gone on to play in the New Jersey-based psychedelic black metal/dark ambient band Black Albatross (formerly called Funeral Junkie) and recently formed a new solo project called Valleys of the Living, which was quickly signed to Abridged Pause Recordings.

The Last Great Torch Song” was mastered by Garry Brents and features gorgeous photography by Marina Polak, who had also provided the photography for the previous EP, “Abondance De Périls“. “The Last Great Torch Song” is available starting March 14th of 2012 on Abridged Pause Recordings.


All music composed and performed by Vision Éternel.
Vision Éternel is the creation of Alexandre Julien.
Recorded at Mortified Studios from October of 2009 to January of 2012.
Produced and mixed by Alexandre Julien at Mortified Studios from October of 2009 to January of 2012.
Mastered by Garry Brents at GAB Recordings from February 22nd of 2012 to February 26th of 2012.
Keyboards on “Sometimes in Longing Narcosis” written performed by Garry Brents. Recorded at GAB Recordings on December 17th of 2010.
Spoken word on “Sometimes in Longing Narcosis” written and spoken by Eiman Nejad. Recorded at REP Studios on February 4th of 2012.
Additional guitar and bass on “Sometimes in Anticipating Moments” written and performed by Alexander Fawcett. Recorded at Cryptic Orchard Studios from January 21st of 2012 to January 30th of 2012.
Spoken word on “Sometimes in Absolute Togetherness” written and spoken by Howard Change. Recorded at The Living Studio on February 12th of 2012.
Photography by Marina Polak.
Artwork and layout by Alexandre Julien.
Released on March 14th of 2012 through Abridged Pause Recordings – APR6.
All songs released are exclusively registered to Abridged Pause Publishing.
The Last Great Torch Song is dedicated to Laura Dolgy.

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