Vision Lunar Covers Vision Éternel

Vision Lunar Covers Vision Éternel

Alexandre Julien’s atmospheric black metal project, Vision Lunar, has covered the Vision Éternel song “Season In Desperation“. Simply titled “Desperation“, the song appears as the opener of Vision Lunar’s new EP, “Luna Subortus“, released on September 28th of 2015 through Abridged Pause Recordings and Winterwolf Records.

Vision Lunar was founded in September of 2006 and gained a reputation for releasing demos on each day of a full moon. In 2007, the band became increasingly more atmospheric and incorporated ambient segues with the added use of reverb. Then, when Alexandre Julien founded a sister project, Vision Éternel, certain Vision Lunar rehearsals started incorporating Vision Éternel songs. There was even talk of merging both projects.

Vision Lunar went under a hiatus in 2007, and eventually broke up officially in 2009. In 2010 a discography was released through Mortification Records and most fans would have thought that was it for the band. But earlier in 2015, Alexandre Julien decided to revive Vision Lunar, offering its first new material in eight years, the three-song extended play “Luna Subortus“. The EP is available on compact disc and digitally through a collaboration with Abridged Pause Recordings and Winterwolf Records. At long last, one can hear what it would have sounded like had Vision Lunar and Vision Éternel merged as a single project in early 2007.

Desperation” can be streamed, purchased (CD and digital) and downloaded on Bandcamp and below is a streaming link from that source. You can also support Vision Lunar on Facebook. There is also a very detailed biography article on the Abridged Pause Recordings website.


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