Vision Eternel To Collaborate With Fruits De Mer Records

Vision Eternel To Collaborate With Fruits De Mer Records

Last summer, Vision Eternel started communicating with Keith Jones, owner and founder of Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, England-based record label Fruits De Mer Records, in the hopes of collaborating with the record company.

It is finally happening with an appearance on the compact disc Various Artists compilation “Fruits De Mer Conducts: Deep Sea Exploration“, scheduled for release on November 2nd of 2019. The Various Artists compilation will be released through Fruits De Mer Records’ imprint series Friends Of The Fish and will feature space rock, psychedelic rock and progressive rock artists that have either already been associated with Fruits De Mer Records, or that will hopefully be part of the record label’s roster in the future. The compact disc will showcase nine artists including The Insektlife Cycle, Custard Flux, Cosmic Juice, Silenzio, Alber Jupiter, Ax & Sunhair, SEN3 and ex-Vision Eternel band member Adam Kennedy’s psychedelic post-rock band Beyond The Dune Sea.

A brand new Vision Eternel song will appear on this compilation: “Killer Of Giants“. This new recording, exclusive to the compilation, is an Ozzy Osbourne cover; with an original arrangement by Vision Eternel founder Alexandre Julien. The band is confident that those unaware of the Ozzy Osbourne connection will find it difficult to recognize the song as anything else but pure Vision Eternel sound. The song structure and movements are similar to the newly released “Moments Of Intimacy” and “Moments Of Absence“, both pre-production recordings of Vision Eternel’s forthcoming extended play; and recorded at the same time as “Killer Of Giants” at Mortified Studios in 2018.

Vision Eternel is hoping to collaborate again with Fruits De Mer Records in the future, as the record company is noted for its fantastic vinyl releases. Please do check out and support Fruits De Mer Records on your favourite platform: Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Soundcloud, YouTube.

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