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Vision Éternel To Collaborate With Dedicated Records

Vision Éternel was approached by Bradley James Palko of Dedicated Records to contribute an exclusive song to an upcoming Various Artists compilation. “Great Messengers: Palms” will be released in July of 2010 to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the Chicago-based record label Dedicated Records. Vision Éternel will be appearing alongside Anna Rose Carter, Bunrage, Ornitology, Álfheimr, Heinali, Message To Bears, Yawning, Clem Leek and more.

Great Messengers: Palms” will be released in three parts over the summer and will be distributed digitally; a very limited run of CDs will also be made. The CDs will be combined into a 3 CD box with writings by Palko. Vision Éternel will be contributing a b-side from the “Abondance De Périls” recording session entitled “Thoughts As Consolation“.

Check out the Dedicated Records website and the Great Messengers: Palms Myspace page.

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