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Vision Éternel To Appear In The Movie Soundtrack Lucid Dreaming In New Jersey

Music composed and recorded by Vision Éternel will be featured in the independent film “Lucid Dreaming In New Jersey“. The film, conceptualized by Howard Change, is a psychological drama that alternates between reality and perceived reality and will be released later this year after two and a half years in the making. The movie is written, directed and stars Howard Change and features a cameo appearance by Eiman Nejad, noted New Jersey-native guitarist and former member of the Roadrunner Records band Mutiny Within.

Howard Change has been a long-time friend and collaborator of Alexandre Julien since meeting in high school. Howard was the vocalist in Alexandre Julien’s black metal band Throne of Mortality in the mid-2000’s and prior to that had fronted the metal band Arcanum, which featured members of Mutiny Within and Eliminator. In early 2006, Howard joined the New Jersey-based psychedelic black metal/dark ambient band Funeral Junkie, which quickly changed name to Black Albatross with his direction. He was then featured on Vision Éternel’s fourth EP, “The Last Great Torch Song“, released in March of 2012, on which he provided guest lyrics and a spoken word on the song “Sometimes In Absolute Togetherness“. Howard’s most recent project is Valleys Of The Living, a solo act which was quickly signed to Abridged Pause Recordings.

At least two Vision Éternel songs have been confirmed to appear in “Lucid Dreaming In New Jersey“; “Sometimes In Absolute Togetherness” and “Sometimes In Anticipating Moments“, both from the band’s latest EP, “The Last Great Torch Song“. “Sometimes In Anticipating Moments” has been completely remixed by Valleys Of The Living at The Living Studio and this version will be exclusive to the soundtrack. The rest of the soundtrack has been composed by Valleys Of The Living and will be the first material released by the project. “Lucid Dreaming In New Jersey” and its accompanied “Lucid Dreaming In New Jersey Score” are scheduled to be released later this year through Abridged Pause Recordings in a DVD and CD combo as well as digitally.

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