Vision Eternel To Collaborate With Geertruida

Vision Eternel Signs With Geertruida

Vision Eternel first began exchanging electronic mails with Haarlem, Netherlands-based record label Geertruida in June of 2018. Yannick Tinbergen, one of the three owners and co-founders of the company, showed immediate interest after hearing some of Vision Eternel’s pre-production recordings for For Farewell Of Nostalgia.

The acquaintance was renewed in March of 2020, whereupon Geertruida promptly offered to release Vision Eternel’s For Farewell Of Nostalgia on compact cassette. The pressing will be limited and numbered and is due out later this year.

Vision Eternel is hoping to collaborate again with Geertruida in the future, as the record company is noted for its fantastic vinyl releases and special packaging. Please do check out and support Geertruida on your favourite platform: Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Soundcloud and YouTube.

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