Vision Éternel Mentioned In Triskalyon Interview For Dark Angel Promotion

Vision Éternel Mentioned In Triskalyon Interview For Dark Angel Promotion

Vision Éternel was mentioned in an interview with Alexandre Julien regarding the Triskalyon circle. The interview was conducted by Jussi Gough for Dark Angel Promotion, which will be handling publicity and marketing for Triskalyon and its affiliated bands this year.

The full interview can be read on Triskalyon’s Myspace page, on Dark Angel Promotion’s Myspace page, and on Dark Angel Promotion’s website.

For archival purposes, the complete interview is now presented here:

-What does Triskalyon mean? There is mention of this on the band site, but with only each person giving their description.

Triskalyon is a half made up word. Of course the main meaning is from the “triskeles”, which is a symbol of many things, and also became our logo. We used that because of some old beliefs we had, and changed the word around to make it French. The name stuck around after the time even if the beliefs went.

-Looking up some information about you guys there is not much to go by, does this make it hard trying to explain who you are and what Triskalyon means?

Yes it does. Most people actually think that Triskalyon is the name of a band. It’s natural instinct for most people to think that, since the term “circle” or “group” is not really known throughout the world. It has been around for years in France though, but mostly in the hip-hip scene. Without going into details, groups like Team Nowhere, H8000, and Les Légions Noires would be the best known, in hip-hop, hardcore, and black metal.

What Triskalyon is and does, is simply regroup French (from France and Canada) artists together under the banner. We do everything ourselves, and contribute to each other’s work, if needed. At the same time, it’s easier to keep all the different side bands linked together. But we are very proud of the bands we hold, and of the work released by most of them.

-Do you take what you do seriously? Or is it something that each of the people that belong to this circle are trying to break some ground with musically?

Well being that we are all so far apart, the only way we can really go up all together, is under the banner name, not individually. Most of the bands are with Mortification Records, but Havarax is with IExMN  Records. So he is getting much more grounds than us.

As for the next answer, LCR’s stuff is more “developed” (or mainstream) then a lot of the stuff that has been released on Mortification. MR is mostly for the side bands, as an outlet for that stuff. Hopefully, when the Throne of Mortality albums (yes more than one) are done, I will be able to find a more professional label to release them on.

-Out of all the projects, that seem to interlink with each other, which project currently is the one that is the main focus? Or does that depend?

Well that’s exactly what it is. For me, it is an everlasting revolution around the bands. Like previously said, Throne of Mortality has two albums’ worth of material almost done. So that band isn’t much being worked on, as I’m waiting for some help to finish it. Meanwhile, I work on the side bands.

Vision Lunar would have to be the band that I worked on the most because I would release a demo every month (on the day of the full moon). So in between the months, I would work here and there on some songs. I save them up until they are ready to be released under the proper name.

-Between Throne of Mortality and the other Vision side projects, what one would you consider to be the most powerful of all musically?

By far Vision Éternel. But that is just my opinion. Of course, the public may have their own views, but for me, Seul Dans L’obsession was a big amount of emotions taken out from my insides. To make the “annalist” of the concept, it’s the six phases that I went through over an obsession. Each song is a phase, and properly titled. The concept isn’t hidden, but most people do not notice it.

Throne of Mortality has some emotions in it, but it’s a different kind.

-With many projects that you are overseeing, how do you find any real time to focus on one? I mean there are many demos and etc… What material would you consider to be the serious to date that you would like to push getting heard and out there in the metal world.

Well, like mentioned before, the bands revolve all the time. As soon as I finish a demo for one band, I start to work on another one.  Sometimes I get bored and I work on something completely different. Sometimes it gets released, sometimes not. I try to always be working on something though. In the last year, counting all the bands, I would have to say I wrote over 50 songs.

For the second part, I never really thought of limiting myself to the “metal world”. At the moment that is the media that the few people know us in, but I don’t consider the stuff I’m working on now to be metal at all. Of course, some has metal influences, and Throne of Mortality is only black metal. But if I had to choose something to spread, it would be the 2007 demos of Vision Lunar. I think those are the most appreciated from my friends, and that maybe people would like those.

-With so many demos put out by each of the bands that are a part of this Triskalyon circle of sorts, it seems like each person has their own music releases, but yet are a part of this. What is the ultimate goal that is being achieved overall?

Well I would think that each member has it’s different views. I would also assume that the goal would change with the mood you’re in that day when you write that new song.

I guess that my “ultimate goal” is to actually make a release that people will enjoy, in different medias. To make an album that people will not just download once, listen to it, and forget about it. In the end, I want to make something that will be appreciated and that people will listen to more than once, and remember it. I guess it’s hard to please everyone, and maybe that would be a psychological explanation for the reason that I make so many different bands with different moods and sounds. In the end, maybe I’ll find just the right dose of each of the inputs from each band and create something really good.

-I heard that there is a new member to the fold, what is expected out of his musical contribution?

Yes! LCR has finally joined us, with his solo band Havarax. I was asking him to join us for many months, and finally he gave in. Haha. He is not signed with Mortification, but with Inquisitoris Ex Mundus Novus. So he is actually getting his releases professionally pressed and distributed. As far as what he is expected within Triskalyon, it is to excel at what he does best, and that is to create. He is a phenomenal musician and I can’t tell you how proud I am to support him and his music.

-There was mentioning that Triskalyon was no more via Myspace, is this the current situation for you still?

As far as the “public” (or the few that ever heard of us), Triskalyon is resting. Havarax has a new release coming out (No Access to the Divine), so as the day gets close to that, the less time people will have to wait to see what will happen with Triskalyon then. I have many unreleased stuff, and I still work on new stuff, but will they ever be released… That depends on my mood, and how things go until then.

-In today’s underground world of extreme and not so extreme metal music, where would you put your music into a label if you had to? Instrumental Melodic Dark Emotional Metal is what I would call it.

Haha, that’s quite a tag. Each band has different moods, but I think that most keep the same atmosphere. If you get what I’m hinting at. It would range from “Ethereal Wave”, to “Atmospheric Black Metal” to “Dark Ambient”, and “Black Metal”.

-What would you say are your emotional influences on your music, for example the instrumental pieces, there are no vocals. Are you planning on working with getting a frontman for any of your musical creations?

Well any of the “Visions” are side projects. A Vision is (as of now) only solo stuff.

The emotions are past obsessive loves, and the moon, when it comes around. I think that’s really the only things that ever influenced my mood and the way that I see the music that comes out. The emotions from influences can probably be figured out by reading some of my poetry (available on the Triskalyon website).

The Visions don’t have vocals on them so far. But like I said, I have some stuff I’m working on now, for Vision Sufferance, that will have multiple instruments, as well as vocals.

Throne of Mortality has always had vocals, but there has never been any official releases, so the songs have not very much been heard.

-I can name a few songs here, but from your standpoint what would you consider to be the best songs that are the intensity of Triskalyon? From all of the demos of each person involved? At least 4 of them, and why?

Alright, let’s see. I’ll try to be reasonable and give credit to who it’s due.

01: Vision Éternel – “Love within Narcosis”. This song was picked by the few people who liked the album as the best song, and I was glad because it was one of my most emotional ones. I directed a short music video for it too. Like the rest of the album, it’s about an obsession over a past love, but this one just has that riff that makes your heart kind of worry.

02: Vision Éternel – “Love within Isolation”. I just had to pick this one because the night when I wrote it I was very much into pain. The kind when you have a heart ache that makes you sit in your room wondering why the fuck you’re still wasting time thinking about not killing yourself. There’s a certain pitch in the song that hits the spot for me.

03: Vision Lunar – “L’esprit Dans Le Ciel”. That one was a song that just came out, but has been one of the best songs I ever wrote from the moon’s influence… the moon was almost full, and it just drained out. It’s a long song, but the wait is worth it, because the “solo” if you call it that, at the end is just pure beauty.

04: Havarax – “Embrace the Glowing Darkness”. That one just HAD to be on there because it’s that song that got me hooked on his music, and caused him to join Triskalyon. It’s just so amazing.

05: Throne of Mortality – “Sinner’s Spell”. I picked that partly because it isn’t released yet, but it is by far my favorite of the tracks I’m getting ready of the second album. Maybe a bit of anticipation will be made from this.

-Are you currently pushing to promote Triskalyon or any of its projects?

Well it always seemed awkward to me that people would in fact like my stuff, since I’m not very optimistic about anything. But we’re very open to PR and whoever is willing to help us out.

-Overall where do you see yourselves in the next year?

A year from now, I would hope to have finally accomplished at least one of the Throne of Mortality albums. Hopefully, I can maybe find some line-ups to play a few shows and get to experience that. I would also like to do a second Vision Éternel album, but the chances of those emotions coming back are not known…

-On Triskalyon’s main site front there is that symbol that sorta resembles a 3 legged shape rotating. Who came up with that graphic idea, and does it have any relation symbol?

Well the logo is from what a triskele is. The logo is created by Lansquenet and is three scythes. The reason for the revolving circle logo on the site was because we were going to have a flash website, so the logo would spin faster when you click on it, but decided that we should keep that to come in the future, so if things actually go somewhere for Triskalyon, we’ll get working on that.

-Any current news on Triskalyon?

See next question…..

-Any new material planned for you?

Yes. Vision Sufferance, but the chances of that coming out depends on many things. Throne of Mortality has 2 albums worth of stuff, and those WILL be released. Triskalyon will not be fully ended until that chapter is finished.

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