Vision Éternel Mentioned In Triskalyon Interview For Dark Angel Promotion

Vision Éternel Mentioned In Triskalyon Interview For Dark Angel Promotion

Vision Éternel was mentioned in an interview with Alexandre Julien regarding the Triskalyon collective. The interview was conducted by Jussi Gough for Dark Angel Promotions, which will be handling publicity and marketing for Triskalyon and its affiliated bands this year.

Here are some snippets of the interview which mention Vision Éternel:

-Between Throne Of Mortality and the other “Vision” side projects, what one would you consider to be the most powerful of all musically?

By far Vision Éternel. But that is just my opinion. Of course the public may have their own view, but for me “Seul Dans L’obsession” was a big amount of emotions taken out from my insides. The album is a concept album, about the six phases that I went through over a love obsession. Each song is a different phase and is properly titled according to it. The concept isn’t hidden but most people do not notice it. Throne Of Mortality has some emotions in it, but it’s a different kind.

-From your stand point what would you consider to be the best songs that are the intensity of Triskalyon? From all of the demos of each person involved? At least 4 of them, and why?

Alright let’s see. I’ll try to be reasonable and give credit to whom it is due.

01: Vision Éternel – “Love Within Narcosis“. This song was picked by the few people who liked the album as the best song, and I was glad because it was one of my most emotional compositions. I directed a short music video for it too. Like the rest of the album, it’s about an obsession over a past love, but this one just has that sound that makes your heart kind of worry.

02: Vision Éternel – “Love Within Isolation“. I just had to pick this one because the night when I wrote it, I was very much in pain. The kind when you have a heart ache that makes you sit in your room wondering why the fuck you’re still wasting time thinking about not killing yourself. There’s a certain pitch to the song that hits the spot for me.

03: Vision Lunar – “L’esprit Dans Le Ciel“. That was a song that just came out naturally and without practicing. But it has been one of the best songs that I have ever written from the moon’s influence. The moon was almost full, and it allowed my musical influence to just drain out. It’s a long song, but the wait is worth it, because the “solo”, if you call it that, at the end is just pure beauty.

04: Havarax – “Embrace The Glowing Darkness“. That song had to be on this list because it’s the one that got me hooked on the band’s music, which in turned led to him joining Triskalyon. It’s just so amazing.

05: Throne Of Mortality – “Sinner’s Spell“. I picked that partly because it isn’t released yet, but it is by far my favorite of the tracks I’m getting ready for Throne Of Mortality’s second album. Maybe a bit of anticipation will result from mentioning it.

-Where do you see yourselves in the next year?

A year from now I would hope to have finally accomplished at least one of the two Throne Of Mortality albums. Hopefully, I can put together a band line-up to play a few shows and get to experience that. I would also like to do a second Vision Éternel album, but the chances of those emotions coming back are unknown.

The full interview can be read on Triskalyon’s Myspace page and on Dark Angel Promotions’ Myspace page.

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