Vision Éternel Is Now Vision Eternel

Vision Éternel Is Now Vision Eternel

Vision Éternel has officially decided to remove the accentuation in its name and is being re-baptized Vision Eternel.

After years of debating the issue, the acute accent over the E in Éternel has been dropped. The acute accent was originally used for aesthetic purposes when the band was founded and named in January of 2007. Hoping to stand out on Google search, it gave a completely original spelling of the word and band name. The wording was a mix of the French spelling “vision éternelle” and the English spelling “vision eternal”.

However, the acute accent proved to be troublesome. It was the cause for broken URLs and links on many websites, misspellings of the band’s name in reviews, and made it difficult for fans to pronounce it (it is pronounced exactly as Vision Eternal is in English). The issue was further confused because neither of the band’s official logos (one designed by Jeremy Roux in 2008; the other by Christophe Szpajdel in 2017) featured the accent; this was specified by the band.

In order to correct this, the band has decided that it would be in its best interest to remove the special character moving forward. The recently-released boxed set An Anthology Of Past Misfortunes will remain the last output under the old name spelling, while the upcoming extended play For Farewell Of Nostalgia will bare the new name spelling. The band’s social media pages will be updated to reflect the new name shortly.

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