Vision Éternel Featured On The Obelisk Radio And Blog

Vision Éternel Featured On The Obelisk Radio And Blog

Vision Éternel is now one of the featured artists on The Obelisk’s radio station. Earlier in February, the band was approached by the noted webzine’s founder and writer JJ Koczan, who took the initiative to check out Vision Éternel without solicitation! JJ Koczan has now added all five Vision Éternel EPs to the webzine’s radio station; “Seul Dans L’obsession“, “Un Automne En Solitude“, “Abondance De Périls“, “The Last Great Torch Song” and “Echoes From Forgotten Hearts“.

In addition to this, JJ Koczan included a very complimentary write-up of “Echoes From Forgotten Hearts” on The Obelisk blog:

“”Echoes from Forgotten Hearts” is the latest EP from Montreal-based solo artist Alexandre Julien, who operates under the banner of Vision Éternel, and it comprises seven brief individual tracks numbered in French as “Pièce No. Un,” “Pièce No. Deux,” etc., of wistful guitar lines and serene dronescapes. The balance that a “Pièce No. Deux” is able to strike by sounding so broad and wide open and yet only being 1:47 is striking, and it makes the release flow together all the more as a work on a single emotional thematic, and while it all only winds up being 14 minutes in total, Julien is able to bring that thematic to life in that time with depth and grace, so that when the relative sprawl of the 3:45 closer “Pièce No. Sept,” takes hold, one only wishes it would go on further. Note this is one of several Vision Éternel offerings joining the playlist this week, and Julien has a boxed set in progress collecting a number of his outings to be released sometime later this year, including, I believe, this one, which originally came out in 2015. Hopefully it’s not long before he follows it with new material.”

Vision Éternel can be heard on The Obelisk Radio Station and the article can be read here. A full list of the bands that were added to the radio station along with Vision Éternel can be found here.

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