Vision Éternel Interview For The Inarguable

Vision Éternel Announces The Last Great Torch Song EP

First hinted at back in March of 2011, Alexandre Julien has been working on a new Vision Éternel EP. Set to be titled “The Last Great Torch Song“, the band’s fourth EP will feature five songs and will be released on Abridged Pause Recordings in early 2012. Alexandre Julien will not be singing on it, as the title could possibly imply, but the release will feature guest musicians, some of which have previously collaborated with Vision Éternel, Alexandre Julien or Abridged Pause Recordings. Alexandre Julien has also hinted at releasing a follow-up EP to “The Last Great Torch Song“, all part of documenting his most recent heart-break. Adam Kennedy, who mastered the third Vision Éternel EP, “Abondance De Périls“, is scheduled to reprise his position on “The Last Great Torch Song“.

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