Vision Éternel Mentioned In Triskalyon Interview For Dark Angel Promotion

Vision Éternel Announces Short Hiatus Following Triskalyon Break-Up

Following the announcement made earlier today on Myspace, that the Triskalyon circle would be parting ways, Vision Éternel will be taking a short break to recuperate from the emotional strain.

For those unfamiliar with Triskalyon, the circle formed in August of 2006 to bring together several like-minded artists from around the globe and promote black metal, black ambient and dark ambient awareness. The collective not only regrouped individual solo artists but also their affiliated bands and band members.

In its seven short months of existence, the circle had already amassed solo artists and bands from the United States, Canada, France, England, Egypt and Hungary. Members of the Triskalyon circle were free to help out other members through guest appearances, artwork, audio production, video editing, promotion, distribution and physical merchandise pressing. The Triskalyon circle also founded their own record label imprint, Mortification Records. Ultimately, member Alexandre Julien opened his own audio recording studio, Mortified Studio, in Edison, New Jersey, USA.

While bands in the closed circle had little restriction, each solo project from members of the Triskalyon circle was named “Vision something“, hence the naming of Vision Éternel. This was alongside other solo projects as Vision Sufferance, Vision Solitude, Vision Lunar, Vision Pariah and Vision Funeral Doom.

The Triskalyon circle announced earlier today that it would no longer continue as an entity after an extensive change in membership. It is presently unknown if the vanity record label Mortification Records will remain in operation. Vision Éternel will hopefully resume after regrouping.

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