Vision Éternel Video Introduction To The Last Great Torch Song

Video: An Introduction To The Last Great Torch Song

Last night we went out to film a new video for Vision Éternel. Accompanied by Jeremy Roux, we headed to Saint Helen’s Island, a man-built island between Montreal and the South Shore which has a gorgeous historical building and also holds the foundations of the Montreal Harbour Bridge. There was a perfect amount of fog this evening as the winter struggled to fight the oncoming spring. We had to hike and climb a rock facade, frozen with ice, to get to the shooting location that we had picked. During the filming, Alexandre Julien was standing with his back to the great emptiness, one foot away from the edge and it was quite nerve-racking.

The short video, filmed and directed by Jeremy Roux, introduces the new Vision Éternel EP “The Last Great Torch Song” which came out three days ago, on March 14th of 2012, through Abridged Pause Recordings. The video was purposely filmed in a single take, where Alexandre Julien introduces the concept of the album and the people that collaborated on it. As usual, the film noir element is unmistakable. The bridge scene is a direct reference to Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpiece “Vertigo“, while the visual influence in the desaturated greenish blue comes from Jean-Pierre Melville’s astonishing film “L’armée Des Ombres“.

Don’t forget to listen to the new Vision Éternel EP, “The Last Great Torch Song” and pick it up if you like it!

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