Vision Eternel Valentine's Day Exclusive 2022

Valentine’s Day Exclusive: Unreleased Versions Of Pièce No. Un And Pièce No. Deux

Valentine’s Day is a special holiday for Vision Eternel, since most of the band’s releases are themed around heartaches. This Valentine’s Day marks the fifteenth-anniversary of Vision Eternel’s debut extended play Seul Dans L’obsession (released through Mortification Records in 2007), the thirteenth-anniversary of the Japanese compilation An Anthology Of Past Misfortunes (released through Frozen Veins Records in 2009), and the seventh-anniversary of the extended play Echoes From Forgotten Hearts (released through Abridged Pause Recordings in 2015). In fact, all Vision Eternel releases were originally planned to be released on Valentine’s Day, but a great many of them missed the deadline due to recording, mixing, mastering or artwork delays.

Although it has not been officially announced yet, a very special release is planned for 2022. This one, too, missed the Valentine’s Day deadline, but as part of the band’s yearly Valentine’s Day Exclusive, a selection of two songs that were left off this forthcoming release are hereby offered for free download. These two songs are previously-unreleased b-sides from Vision Eternel’s fifth concept extended play Echoes From Forgotten Hearts; the difference between the released versions and these b-sides are minute, but attentive fans may hear how they differ.

The first is an unused mix/mastering of Pièce No. Un by ex-Vision Eternel member Adam Kennedy, done on January 11, 2015. The second is an early and unused version of Pièce No. Deux, completed on December 4, 2014, before it was re-recorded.

This year’s Valentines Day Exclusive is accompanied by an original watercolor painting by Rain Frances at Rain Frances Art. Frances has provided artwork for past Vision Eternel releases, including For Farewell Of Nostalgia, the An Anthology Of Past Misfortunes boxed set and the Lost Misfortunes series, as well as previous Valentine’s Day Exclusives.

Download Pièce No. Un (Adam Kennedy Mix Three) and Pièce No. Deux (Unused Version).

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