Love Within Narcosis Video Is Released

Love Within Narcosis Video Is Remastered

The music video of the fan-favourite “Love Within Narcosis” has been remastered and re-released. The original music video was filmed on a beat up JVC MiniDV camcorder that my family had bought at least five or six years prior to the filming. At that particular time when I found the camcorder, the first EP, “Seul Dans L’obsession“, was almost ready to be released and it gave me the idea to make something extra for this project. So I went outside in the cold dusk of February and I started taking pictures for the album artwork. This was with a digital photo camera that my dad had. I liked the mood of the lantern and the setting sun a lot, especially since I was able to incorporate a bit of the bitter cold outside (even if this was in New Jersey, not a very cold State). The next day I got the camcorder and attempted to recreate a similar feeling on video.

That night I went on my computer to edit the video footage. It was one of my first times using Adobe Premiere so what came out was pretty choppy. In addition to my poor editing skills, my monitor was dying and the resolution was really, really dark. So the final product was a lot brighter than intended. The gamma was all out of whack. But I wasn’t aware of that at all, because from what I could see on my monitor, it looked great. Later that evening, I added it to YouTube, which was still pretty new back then and the widescreen format wasn’t an option at the time. I also must have messed up something in the encoding because when the video was uploaded, it looked horrible in quality, in frame and in resolution. But it was my first music video and decided that it was acceptable. The original music video can be watched here.

It was about a year later that I watched the music video again on YouTube, but this time it was on my friend’s MacBook. I realized just how bad it looked and felt embarrassed. The entire mood was off and people watching it wouldn’t have been able to get the right vibe from it. From that moment on, I always told myself that I would re-edit and re-master it some day, at a time when it would possibly get released on DVD. Now, almost four years after the making of the music video, while editing a Vision Éternel video interview, I was struck by the desire to fix this whole thing it. It was the perfect moment to get people to re-watch the video. So that’s what I did and I think the new version looks the way it was originally intended to be.

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