Happy New Year From Vision Eternel

Happy New Year From Vision Eternel

2020 is going to be a great year for Vision Eternel! After three years of hard work on the forthcoming extended play, “For Farewell Of Nostalgia“, the release will finally be out this year on a wide variety of formats.


Here are some of the things coming up:

1) Romanian illustrator Costin Chioreanu at Twilight 13 Media will be designing the artwork and layout for the new extended play. Costin Chioreanu has previously worked with Vision Eternel founder Alexandre Julien, designing the artwork for two Soufferance releases in 2009.

2) American mastering engineer Carl Saff at Saff Mastering in Chicago, Illinois will be mastering the new extended play. Carl Saff was chosen because of his spectacular work on Castevet (CSTVT) releases between 2009-2012.

3) Both of these projects are taking place this month. Following that, a series of physical and digital press kits will be assembled. A limited amount of compact disc press kits will be made through Abridged Pause Recordings. These “Advanced Compact Disc Editions” will feature an exclusive artwork and die-cut packaging (different from the one designed by Costin Chioreanu) and will be used to shop the release to record labels. Any copies left over will be made available to fans at a very low price later in the year. Other physical merchandising in the scope of “For Farewell Of Nostalgia” is already in preparation and a couple of music videos are going to be made. It is also very likely that a couple of new t-shirts, and possibly a hoodie, will be made in promotion of the new extended play.

4) Vision Eternel is also scheduled to take part in an upcoming Fruits De Mer Records Various Artists compilation. The release title and date have not been established yet, but it will be revealed in due time! This will be the band’s second collaboration with the record label, following the song “Killer Of Giants” which appeared on “Fruits De Mer Conducts: Deep Sea Exploration” in late 2019. Since that previous Various Artists compilation had a very limited amount of compact discs available, and is now sold-out, “Killer Of Giants” has been made available for free download on Soundcloud and Bandcamp.


Now for some things available right now:

1) As already mentioned above, Vision Eternel’s cover of “Killer Of Giants” (originally by Ozzy Osbourne) has been made available for free download on Soundcloud and Bandcamp, and can also be viewed on YouTube.

2) Vision Eternel has new compact discs for sale. When Abridged Pause Recordings released the boxed set “An Anthology Of Past Misfortunes” in 2018, a handful of “Promotional Press Bundles” were made. These were previously reserved for members of the press, but since the boxed set is sold-out, we figured it was a good time to make the left-over press-copies available to the public. There are only 8 copies of each EP left (which were originally reserved for 8 press packages).

These are available either individually or as a “Limited Edition Promotional Compact Disc Bundle”. You can purchase these compact discs at $3 a piece, or as a bundle (all five) for $10 (plus the moderate cost of shipping) on Vision Eternel’s webstore or on Bandcamp.

So if you wanted Vision Eternel’s full back-catalog physical discography, this is your chance. Or, if you only liked one or two of Vision Eternel’s releases, and can do without the rest, then get the ones you want! These will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis, so if any EPs are purchased individually, the amount of bundles available will decrease as well.
*Please note that if you own the boxed set, you don’t need these; you already own practically the same content (plus more). The only difference is that the press copies come with different liner notes and the compact discs have the titles hand-written on them instead of being fully painted a solid colour.

3) Finally, Vision Eternel t-shirts are now available for direct purchasing on Bandcamp. Previously, that merchandise was only available through Vision Eternel’s webstore, but having the apparel available on Bandcamp makes it convenient for everyone. Check out the t-shirts designed by Jeremy Roux and Christophe Szpajdel.

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