Vision Éternel Great Messengers Palms Compilation Is Released

Great Messengers: Palms Compilation Is Released

Earlier this year, Vision Éternel was approached by Bradley James Palko of Dedicated Records to contribute an exclusive song to the various artists compilation, “Great Messengers: Palms“. Initially scheduled to be released in July of 2010 on a 3-CD boxed set, for the one-year anniversary of Dedicated Records, “Great Messengers: Palms” was delayed for several months after Palko abandoned his record label.

After much convincing, Palko decided to release “Great Messengers: Palms” as a farewell to Dedicated Records. The release is available on Bandcamp for free download and features the Vision Éternel song “Thoughts As Consolation“, which was re-titled “Start From The Beginning: The Accident” by Palko himself. The compilation also showcases songs by Bunrage, Lost With The Racoons, Anna Rose Carter, Ornitology, Snowmobile, Heinali, Savium, Álfheimr, Alex Leach, Message To Bears, Lena Lou, Dual At Dawn, Cinik, Yawning, Moose Jaw and Clem Leek. The artwork for the compilation was drawn by Pat Brennan.

Listen to the compilation on Bandcamp and on Myspace.

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