Fruits De Mer Conducts: Deep Sea Exploration Compilation Is Released

Fruits De Mer Conducts: Deep Sea Exploration Compilation Is Released

Vision Eternel has a new song out today! A cover of Ozzy Osbourne’s “Killer Of Giants” is now out on the compact disc Various Artists compilation “Fruits De Mer Conducts: Deep Sea Exploration“. Released through British record label Fruits De Mer Records’ imprint series Friends Of The Fish, Vision Eternel is one of nine bands sharing the spotlight. This compilation showcases space rock, psychedelic rock and progressive rock artists that have either already released material through Fruits De Mer Records, or that may be part of the record company’s roster in the near future (keeping our fingers crossed).

Vision Eternel shares the spotlight with Beyond The Dune Sea (a psychedelic post-rock band of former Vision Eternel band-member Adam Kennedy), The Insektlife Cycle, Custard Flux, Cosmic Juice, Silenzio, Alber Jupiter, Ax & Sunhair and SEN3. A very big thank you to record label owner and founder Keith Jones for making this collaboration possible!

Fruits De Mer Conducts: Deep Sea Exploration” is not available for direct purchasing, rather it is strictly obtainable as a Fruits De Mer Records Club member’s exclusive. All club members who pre-ordered the record company’s three releases coming out today will receive this compact disc for free! Those releases include:

-Crystal Jacqueline And The Honey Pot’s “I Talk To The Wind” double 7″ vinyl extended play;
-The Past Tense’s “Time Stands Still” 7″ vinyl extended play & “Across The Pond…And Back Again” compact disc album combo;
-Various Artists compilation “Sunny Spells” 7″ vinyl featuring Chad & Jeremy, Hanford Flyover, Schizo Fun Addict and Us And Them.

It will also be available at The Fruits De Mer Records / MegaDodo Records Thunderbolt Festival concert happening today in Bristol, England, which was sold-out well in advance.

Vision Eternel is hoping to collaborate again with Fruits De Mer Records in the future, as the record company is noted for its fantastic vinyl releases. Please do check out and support Fruits De Mer Records on your favourite platform: Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Soundcloud, YouTube.


This new Vision Eternel song is the fourth pre-production recording to surface from the band’s forthcoming “For Farewell Of Nostalgia” EP. The first two, “Moments Of Intimacy” and “Moments Of Intimacy (Reprise)” were made available in late November of 2018, followed by “Moments Of Absence” in late March of 2019. “Killer Of Giants” was tracked during the same pre-production recording session for the EP at Mortified Studios in 2018. These recordings introduce a new sound from Vision Eternel. Although still clearly melogaze in style, they are more complex and layered than Vision Eternel’s earlier compositions. This new style and direction was first present, though in small doses, on such songs as “Sometimes In Absolute Togetherness” (2012) and “Pièce No. Sept” (2015). This change was symbolized with the altering in the spelling of the band’s name to “Vision Eternel”, omitting the acute accent over the E. Vision Eternel has made this spelling permanent.

Vision Eternel had originally conceived the idea of covering Ozzy Osbourne’s song “Killer Of Giants” in the spring of 2007, during the recording session of its second extended play “Un Automne En Solitude“. The idea to record the cover resurfaced in the late summer of 2017, during a conversation with JJ Koczan, editor at The Obelisk webzine. The song was finally demoed in 2018.

Composed by John Michael Osbourne, Robert John Daisley and Jake Lou Williams, and originally released on Ozzy Osbourne’s “The Ultimate Sin” LP in early 1986 through Epic Records, “Killer of Giants” was a major influence on Vision Eternel’s early sound.

To promote the new song, a nature-themed video was filmed in the Laurentian Mountains forest last summer and can be streamed on YouTube, DailyMotion and Facebook. The eerie video features footage of an abandoned shed found in the middle of the woods during an overcast sunset.

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