Vision Eternel – For Farewell Of Nostalgia EPK

Vision Eternel - For Farewell Of Nostalgia (Michael Koelsch)
Artist Information
  • Founded: January 2007
  • Location: Montreal, Canada
  • Genre: Melogaze (a blend of ambient, space rock, shoegaze, post-rock and emo)
  • Current Members: Alexandre Julien
  • Contact:
Artist Biography

Vision Eternel is a Canadian-American melogaze band whose musical creations focus on emotion, heartbreak and love. Melogaze, coined by founder Alexandre Julien, has been described as a blend of ambient, space rock, shoegaze, post-rock, emo and melodrama. The band was founded in January of 2007 in Edison, New Jersey, USA; and is currently based in Montreal, Canada.

Vision Eternel’s past releases include:

  • Seul Dans L’obsession (2007)
  • Un Automne En Solitude (2008)
  • An Anthology Of Past Misfortunes (2009)
  • Abondance De Périls (2010)
  • The Last Great Torch Song (2012)
  • Echoes From Forgotten Hearts (2015)
  • An Anthology Of Past Misfortunes (2018, released as a boxed set)
Release Information

For Farewell Of Nostalgia is Vision Eternel’s newest concept album. It is a narrative of how emotionally devastating falling in love too fast can be and the aftermath of a heartbreak. Sometimes, looking for tender affection can be detrimental; this tale of infatuation, wounding absence, intimacy, melancholia and never-ending nostalgia intends to make the listener feel every bit of that. A short story accompanies the release (in place of lyrics in the booklet), which recounts the events that influenced this concept album. The short story can be read here.

Alexandre Julien began composing and recording demos for the concept album in 2017. For Farewell Of Nostalgia was then recorded over seven months in 2018. Unsatisfied with these original recordings, Julien put the release aside for a year, until he ultimately decided to re-record it entirely from scratch over the span of two months in 2019-2020.

Vision Eternel hopes to have For Farewell Of Nostalgia released on a wide variety of physical and digital formats in 2020-2021.

All music composed and performed by Alexandre Julien.
Recorded and mixed at Mortified Studios.
Mastered by Carl Saff at Saff Mastering.
Artwork and illustration by Michael Koelsch at Koelsch Studios.
Photography by Jeremy Roux and Rain Frances.

“With rare emotionalism and powers of evocation, Vision Eternel explores in cinematic fashion the moments that make our lives, sparing neither the highs or lows of what makes us who we are. ‘For Farewell of Nostalgia‘ turns the ethereal into substance and makes its statement clearly without saying a word.”
-JJ Koczan, The Obelisk

“Ambient sounds to traverse the dreamworld. Alexandre Julien’s long-running Vision Eternel yet again tugs at heartstrings with minimal orchestration and sincere performance. On ‘For Farewell Of Nostalgia’, Julien welcomes the emotion to which these odes are dedicated with an open heart.”
-Jon Rosenthal, Invisible Oranges

“‘For Farewell Of Nostalgia’ packs a peacefully hypnotic reverie of sound. The driving but softly edged guitar melodies feel straightforwardly powerful, and the soaking surges of atmosphere feel grippingly immersive, like the perfect finishing touch ensuring a hook for listeners. Overall, the dramatically sincere songs provide a richly textured, memorable listening experience.”
-Caleb Newton, Captured Howls