A Geertruida Catalogue Selection Compilation Is Released

A Geertruida Catalogue Selection Compilation Is Released

Vision Eternel’s Dutch collaborator, Geertruida, has just released a series of Various Artists record label samplers titled A Geertruida Catalogue Selection. The newly established and retrospective set currently features five compact cassettes, individually released, showcasing a single song from each of the record label’s past and upcoming releases. The tapes will be made available to members of the Geertruida Cassette Club.

The manner through which the samplers came about provides for an interesting story. Over the years, several Geertruida releases have had extra tapes unused or tapes that were ordered in a specific colour but that the distributor got wrong. Such was the case for Vision Eternel’s For Farewell Of Nostalgia‘s double-tape release on Geertruida; the distributor sent the record label the wrong colour of blue tapes. The correct coloured tapes were re-sent but the incorrect coloured tapes were kept for later use. Geertruida’s owner, Yannick Tinbergen, decided to finally put to use this bulk of extra tapes that have been sitting in his storage.

A special edit of Vision Eternel’s song Moments Of Absence appears on the fifth tape in the series. The song was edited down to fit the time limit on the cassette; but this was done by moving certain parts around, thus creating an exclusive edit of the song. The blue tape used for the fifth tape in the series is the same that had been mistakenly sent for Vision Eternel’s For Farewell Of Nostalgia.

The sampler can be streamed for free on Geertruida’s Bandcamp page and can also be found on Geetruida’s official website.

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